Markets We Serve

Technical Solutions For Multiple Markets

Aptia Engineering’s expertise in designing & building robust industrial process equipment yields increased production, reduced costs, and enhanced reliability for our clients. We proudly serve the hemp, oilseed, nutraceutical, food, and beverage industries. Application experience includes material handling/preparation, extraction, filtration, chromatography, solvent recovery, molecular wiped film distillation, process heating, process cooling, thermal processing, and process automation. In addition to designing and manufacturing industrial equipment, we support our clients with a range of professional services, such as equipment sourcing, pilot testing, contract process development, and technical consulting/design services.

Hemp Plant Leaves


Hemp extraction professionals rely on Aptia’s robust hemp equipment that is specifically designed for their extraction and refinement needs. Product offerings include solvent extraction, solvent recovery, molecular wiped film distillation, crystallization, pesticide remediation, and more. Products and services include a range of pre-engineered equipment as well as custom-engineered solutions for high capacity facilities and specialized process requirements.

Oilseed Plants in Field


Aptia’s capabilities include products and services for oilseed extraction and vegetable oil refining. We specialize in pilot & small production scale plants with processing requirements of less than 50 Tons per day. Oilseed equipment solutions can be tailored to meet clients’ individual process and volume requirements. Solutions include extraction systems, centrifuges, dryers, material handling equipment, boilers, and chillers.


Craft Beverage

Based in the Pacific Northwest, the founders of Aptia Engineering got their start in the craft spirits distillation equipment space and continue to design and produce exceptional equipment for the wine and distilled spirits industries. Sanitary design, quality fabrication, thoughtfully integrated systems, energy efficiency, and batch-to-batch consistency are fundamental considerations for all projects within these industries. Aptia’s core competencies in the beverage industry include custom continuous or batch distillation systems, stainless tanks, centrifuges, filters, process heating, process cooling, and facility design.

Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

A range of products can be derived from coffee and tea plant material, including extracts, flavorings, instant coffee, and instant tea. Aptia Engineering’s expertise in multiple areas of botanical processing lends itself to providing efficient and powerful processing solutions to the Coffee and Tea indust ries. Common process requirements include conveying, extraction, filtration, concentration, mixing, centrifugation, and drying.

Markets We Serve


Aptia offers expert solutions to a range of common food processing applications including conveying, extraction, drying, blending, cooking, concentrating, centrifugation and freezing. Sanitary design, product consistency, equipment cost, and equipment durability are at the forefront of our design process for food industry solutions.

Nutraceutical Supplements

Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical

Aptia is happy to support pharmaceutical and nutraceutical projects with GMP equipment certification requirements. Rigorous attention to detail and exceptionally thorough documentation are cornerstones of any successful GMP project. Aptia supplies equipment solutions for distillation, evaporation, nanofiltration, chromatography, drying, solvent recycling, process heating and cooling, and more. Please contact us for your dietary supplement, botanical medicine, and traditional pharmaceutical production requirements.