hydrocarbon Extraction Platform

Aptia’s hydrocarbon extraction systems offer a modular and expandable design with components that can be assembled to meet extraction capacities from 20-160 lbs/hr and which supports extraction temperatures ranging from room temperature down to  -112° F / -80° C

Available Models


One Year Warranty

Installation and Training Support

Engineered & Built in the USA

Thoughtful Design, Massive Efficiency

The HCE lineup of closed loop hydrocarbon extraction equipment offers a modular approach to building high-efficiency extraction systems. These versatile systems can accommodate processors’ individual extraction parameters, such as their desired end product, throughput requirements and local safety regulations. 

Modular, expandable designs with a focus on repeatable extract quality, safety and efficiency have become the signature of the HCE hydrocarbon systems.  The HCE is available in several standard configurations, and can also support custom configurations.

Key Features

  • Industry leading solvent recovery rates
  • Integrated solvent recovery pump with software controller and touchscreen HMI
  • No swapping lines required when unloading biomass extractors
  • Optimized ancillary heaters and chillers for maximum energy efficiency
  • Capable of producing a wide variety of end products from sauce to distillate and everything in between
  • Easy to maintain, train and operate

Thoroughly Engineered

Every feature and component of the HCE system has been expertly designed to maximize your operational efficiency and profitability.

Touchscreen HMI

Proprietary software and touchscreen HMI allow users to monitor system conditions and control the fully integrated compressor allowing you to protect your terpenes while maximizing throughput.

Safety & Compliance

Every system is engineering peer reviewed by 3PCertz and ready for installation and field verification in your jurisdiction.

Serious Throughput

By focusing on the thermodynamics that are critical in any extraction process the HCE hydrocarbon extractors are able to offer processors higher extraction rates at competitive prices.

Temperature Configurations

Aptia’s hydrocarbon extraction systems are available in three Temperature Configurations. The valves, hoses, fittings, and vessels are all optimized for each configuration. 

Matching your application to the best Temperature Configuration ensures efficient, reliable operation.

Artboard 1

Room Temperature

Room Temp

– Unjacketed and Uninsulated

– Regular Temperature Components

Artboard 2

Low Temperature

(-40)° F / (-40)° C

– Jacketed and Insulated

– Low Temperature Components

Artboard 3

Ultra-Low Temperature

(-112)° F / (-80)° C

– Jacketed and Insulated

– Cryogenic Rated Components

Pre-Configured Models

These standardized systems come with pre-defined solvent storage, extraction, solvent recovery and compressors engineered to meet target extraction rates.




The HCE20 is an excellent quality entry level hydrocarbon extraction skid. This skid is compact, easy-to-install, energy efficient, and boasts two 10-Liter 6”x24” extractors. The robust recovery system design allows for up to 20 Lbs/Hr of extraction. The HCE20 is only offered in RT and LT Temperature Configurations.


  • Extraction Capacity1: 20 Lbs/Hr
  • Extractor Volume: 40-Liters

System Includes

  • One 40-Liter Solvent Storage Column
  • Two 6”x24” 10-Liter Extraction Columns
  • One 40-Liter Solvent Recovery Column
  • Choice of MVP or Haskel Hydrocarbon Compressors


HCE40 Hydrocarbon/Butane Extraction Complete System



The HCE40 is the smallest production scale hydrocarbon extraction system that Aptia offers. The unit is built on an expandable, modular platform with separate extraction, recovery, and butane storage skids. This versatile system can be expanded later to more than double its extraction capacity. The HCE40 and all of Aptia’s production scale hydrocarbon extraction systems are offered in ULT, LT, and RT configurations.


  • Extraction Capacity1: 40 Lbs/Hr
  • Extractor Volume: 40-Liters

System Includes

  • One 150-Lb Jacketed ASME Solvent Storage Skid
  • One Extraction Skid Equipped with Two 20-Liter 6”x48” Extractors
  • One Solvent Recovery Skid Equipped with a 120-Liter High Capacity Recovery Vessel
  • One Explosion Proof Electric Gas Compressor with Intuitive HMI Controls


HCE80 Hydrocarbon/Butane Extraction Complete System



The HCE80 is a versatile, high throughput extraction system boasting up to 80 Lbs/Hr of extraction capacity. Compact and reliable, the HCE80 is a work horse that can produce extract at an exceptional rate.


  • Extraction Capacity1: 80 Lbs/Hr
  • Extractor Volume: 80-Liters

System Includes

  • One 150-Lb Jacketed ASME Solvent Storage Skid
  • One Extraction Skid Equipped with Two 40-Liter 8”x48” Extractors
  • One Solvent Recovery Skid Equipped with a 120-Liter High Capacity Recovery Vessel
  • One Explosion Proof Electric Gas Compressor with Intuitive HMI Controls


HCE160 Hydrocarbon/Butane Extraction Complete System

HCE160-RT | HCE160-LT | HCE160-ULT


The HCE160 is designed for businesses that have exceptionally high extraction capacity requirements. The system provides up to 160 Lbs/Hr of extraction capacity and is designed for extreme reliability and 24-Hr/day operation. The HCE160 provides craft quality at an industrial quantity.


  • Extraction Capacity1: 160 Lbs/Hr
  • Extractor Volume: 160-Liters

System Includes

  • One 300-Lb Jacketed ASME Solvent Storage Skid
  • Two Extraction Skids, Each Equipped with Two 40-Liter 8”x 48” Extractors
  • Twin Recovery Skids, Each Equipped with a 120 Liter Evaporator
  • One Explosion Proof Gas Compressor with Intuitive HMI Controls

1 Estimated extraction capacities are based on the assumptions that two extractions per hour are conducted in each extraction column, and that the botanical material is packed into the extractors at a density of 0.5 Lbs/Liter.

Custom Configurations

Don’t see the right pre-configured model for your process? Configure the perfect hydrocarbon extraction system for your business by developing a custom configuration with a process engineer at Aptia.

Aptia’s process engineers can help you optimize your extractor for large, small, hot, cold, or specialty processes.

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