turnkey extraction solution

Hempfuge | Centrifugal Extractor

System overview

The Hempfuge is a highly efficient centrifugal batch extraction system offered by Aptia in collaboration with a reputable US centrifuge manufacturer.

The Hempfuge extractors are simple to operate, use solvent efficiently, and are capable of meeting large production requirements. All units come equipped with C1D1 explosion proof motors and a C1D2 rated PLC touchscreen enclosure. The Hempfuge can be operated with room temperature ethanol, or with ethanol at temperatures as low as -40 F / -40 C.

Robust engineering, backed by a 1-year US manufacturer warranty make the Hempfuge an ideal choice for your botanical extraction requirements.


capacity per load

0 kg
dry hemp *

batch run time

20- 20
minutes *

*Varies by material and SOP

Key Features

  • Single operator required
  • Centrifugation for reduced solvent in biomass
  • High extraction efficiency
  • Extraction temperature down to -40 F / -40 C
  • C1D2 rated enclosure featuring a PLC and touchscreen controller
  • UL Certified Electronics
  • Sanitary tri-clamp fittings

Additional Information

Contact Aptia for additional information.