precise, repeatable purification


System overview

The Aptia WFD -V is a vertical thin film, high-vacuum, molecular distillation system with internal condenser that is used to separate high-boiling-point compounds with minimum heat exposure and risk of thermal degradation.

The system is touchscreen controlled, manufactured from the highest quality materials, equipped with premium gear pumps and instrumentation, equipped with a novel high capacity cold trap, and capable of distillation rates of 10+ kg per hour. The WFD-V system includes an integrated feed skid which ensures consistent batch-to-batch processing by helping decarboxylate, degas, and homogenize the extract prior to molecular distillation. These innovative features combined with the highest quality, precision engineered components result in unparalleled performance and reliability at an unbelievable value.

0 m2
heat transfer surface area
5- 0 kg/hr
Product throughput

Wiper & Roller Cages Available


Innovative feed skid design

Our two-stage feed skid promotes higher throughput by conditioning and homogenizing oil prior to distillation. The first stage can be used for decarboxylation and degassing. The second stage is used to provide a consistent and homogenous feed to distillation.

All pipes conveying extract are jacketed and heated by thermal fluid to eliminate blockages caused by cold extract. You won’t find heat tape anywhere.

Wiped Film Distillation Feed Skid
Wiped Film Distillation Touch Screen

PLC Touchscreen interface

The WFD-V includes an integrated touchscreen for controlling vacuum pumps, gear pumps, wiper speed and feed skid agitators. Easily view and change key operating targets. This improves repeatability of your process, and reduces operator training time.

extremely durable, low maintenance pumps

High-quality European and domestic components are used throughout the system, including precision gear pumps, gear motors, and high-performance vacuum pumps. The oversized dry-screw and turbomolecular vacuum pumps eliminate the need to change pump oil on a weekly basis. 

Additional Features

  • Internal, oversized, high performance stainless-steel condenser minimizes thermal hazard
  • High-efficiency, high surface area, large collection volume cold trap efficiently collects valuable terpenes and protects the vacuum pump system
  • Each and every unit is factory tested before shipment to ensure premium machine quality

Additional Information

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