Winterize - degum - crystallize

RX | Multipurpose Reactor

System overview

Aptia Engineering offers premium Multipurpose Reactors to enhance the clarity, purity, potency, and marketability of your final products. Specially designed for industrial hemp production operations, the reactors are ideal for several sanitary processes including winterization, degumming and crystallization.

Every reactor is constructed with high quality stainless steel, and comes equipped with an industrial duty agitator driven by a C1D1 group D explosion proof motor, an efficient heat transfer dimple jacket, and a glass manway for easy process observation.

Available in three standard sizes – R30, R110, R175 – Aptia’s reactors can be configured to accommodate diverse processing requirements.

Standard Sizes

Product Tank Size Winterization Degumming Crystallization
30 Gallons
110 Gallons
175 Gallons

**Multiple reactors can be combined to scale and expedite your process. 

A scalable multitool

The Multipurpose Reactors are specifically engineered for efficient extract refining operations. They can be configured to perform various refining processes such as winterization, degumming, and crystallization, providing your operation with a valuable multitool.

Collaborate with an engineer at Aptia to specify the Reactor equipment package that best suits your requirements.

  • Winterize
  • Degum
  • Crystallize

Key Features

  • Efficient heat transfer jacket provides optimal thermal efficiency and improved operator safety. 
  • Tank mounted agitator with C1D1 group D explosion proof motor. 
  • Non-explosion proof control panel which can be mounted outside of C1D2 zone. 
  • Premium quality stainless steel tank and frame. 
  • A variety of flammable fluid transfer, temperature control, and inert gas handling equipment can be supplied with each process system to accommodate unique process optimization. 
Aptia Multipurpose Reactor Detail

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