Processing Equipment for Hemp

Engineered For Optimal Performance

Aptia Engineering offers powerful, efficient & reliable processing equipment solutions for every stage of the extraction process, at an exceptional value. Browse Aptia's botanical extraction, solvent recovery, and refinement equipment solutions by following the links below. To discuss your business's custom-engineered projects or requirements, reach out today.

Engineered and Built by Aptia's Expert Team
Pre-Engineered Systems for Extraction, Recovery & Refinement
Custom Systems for Unique & Turn-Key Requirements

Solvent Extraction Equipment

Extraction solutions include Ethanol, Butane & other solvent based extraction systems.

  • HCE // Hydrocarbon (Butane) Extraction
  • Hempfuge // Centrifugal Extraction
Aptia Engineering SSR Standard Solvent Recovery Platform

Solvent Recovery Equipment

Equipment that meets a wide range of recovery requirements.

  • R60-FFE // Compact Solvent Recovery & Decarb System
  • SR-Series // Bulk Solvent Recovery Systems
  • VCO // Desolvating Vacuum Reactor
Aptia WFD-V12 Wiped Film Distillation System for Hemp

Refinement Equipment

Robust refinement solutions for winterization, crystallization, decarb, filtration and distillation.

  • RX // Multipurpose Reactors
  • DWF // Dynamic Wafer Filter
  • WFD-V // Wiped Film Evaporators
Full Scale Custom Facility

Custom Equipment Solutions

  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Process Automation
  • Material Handling, Conveyance and Drying
  • Custom User Requirement Specifications for GMP Compliance