Processing Equipment for Hemp

Engineered For Optimal Performance

Aptia Engineering offers powerful, efficient & reliable equipment solutions for every stage of the extraction process, at an exceptional value.

Engineered and Built by Aptia's Expert Team
Pre-Engineered Systems for Extraction, Recovery & Refinement
Custom Systems for Unique & Turn-Key Requirements

Solvent Extraction Equipment

Extraction solutions include Ethanol, Butane & other solvent based extraction systems.

  • Hempfuge // Centrifugal Extraction
  • CLE-L // Closed Loop Extraction
  • HCE // Hydrocarbon (Butane) Extraction

Solvent Recovery Equipment

Equipment that meets a wide range of recovery requirements.

  • SR-Series // Bulk Solvent Recovery Systems
  • VCO // Desolvating Vacuum Reactor
  • VCS // Full Vacuum Solvent Collection Vessel 

Refinement Equipment

Robust refinement solutions for winterization, crystallization, decarb, filtration and distillation.

  • RX // Multipurpose Reactors
  • DWF // Dynamic Wafer Filter
  • WFD-V // Wiped Film Evaporators

Custom Equipment Solutions

  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Process Automation
  • Material Handling, Conveyance and Drying
  • Custom User Requirement Specifications for GMP Compliance