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VCO | DESOLVATING Vacuum Reactor

System overview

Aptia’s VCO Desolvating Vacuum Reactor is a versatile, 35 gallon, stainless steel, jacketed vacuum reactor designed to support multiple extraction and refining processes. The VCO can be used to unload extract from a solvent recovery system in a completely sealed transfer, remove residual solvent that your primary recovery system left behind, as well as decarboxylate and degas extract. 

The VCO also provides temperature-controlled mixing for homogenizing extracts and flavorings, blending multiple batches of extracts, and creating tinctures. Whatever your needs, the VCO helps maximize your facility’s production.

Versatile design

The VCO streamlines multiple refinement steps.

Additional Features

  • Full vacuum rated, 35 gallon, dimpled heat transfer jacketed, stainless steel reactor
  • Vacuum rated glass manway for quick process observation
  • Industrial agitator driven by C1D1 group D explosion-proof motor
  • Stainless frame for easy setup and implementation

Related equipment

Solvent Recovery Unit
SR-Series | Solvent Recovery System

When used in conjunction with a bulk solvent recovery system like Aptia's SR Platform, extract can be rapidly transferred into the VCO in a clean and safe, sealed transfer. It can then efficiently remove residual solvent that remains in the extract.

Additional Information

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