Desolvating Vacuum Reactor

A stainless steel, full vacuum rated reactor that can be used to perform many critical steps in the cannabis manufacturing process. 

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One Year Warranty

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Engineered & Built in the USA

Product Description

The VCO Series is a series of multipurpose solvent recovery reactors that Aptia offers in multiple sizes. The core of the system is a versatile, stainless steel, jacketed vacuum reactor designed to support multiple extraction and refining processes. A powerful explosion proof agitator, efficient solvent condenser, and integrated solvent collection system enable recovery rates of up to 80 LPH of ethanol. Additional uses include decarboxylation, winterization, crystallization, terpene stripping, homogenizing extracts and flavorings, blending multiple batches of extracts, and creating tinctures.

Whatever your needs, the VCO helps maximize your facility’s production.


  • Full vacuum rated, dimpled heat transfer jacketed, stainless steel reactors
  • Integrated solvent vapor condenser
  • Solvent collection reservoir collects and stores recovered solvent from the condenser
  • Industrial agitator driven by C1D1 group D explosion-proof motor
  • Stainless frame for easy setup and implementation

Versatile Design

The VCO is designed to perfom many critical steps in the botanical & hemp extraction process.

Recover Residual Solvent

The VCO can be used as a moderate capacity solvent recovery system, or as a finishing reactor paired with existing bulk solvent recovery equipment. Most falling film solvent recovery systems leave 10- 15% residual solvent in the extract which needs to be removed before sale or further processing can occur. By utilizing the VCO as a finishing reactor, total extract throughput is increased and primary falling film processes can operate at maximum efficiency. 

Decarb & Degas

The VCO is an ideal machine for decarboxylation and degassing of extract. The dimpled heat transfer jacket, robust tank-mounted agitator, and high-powered heaters ensure high throughput and excellent results. Additionally, the full vacuum rating of the vessel allows these processes to be accomplished under vacuum to further increase performance. The exhaust from the vacuum pump can be filtered to eliminate or greatly reduce odor emissions. 

Batch Processes (Winterize, Crystallize, Blend)

The VCO is a dynamic and versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for conducting a variety of batch processes. Paired with carefully selected ancillary equipment, the VCO is ideal for winterization, crystallization, degumming, blending, and formulating. 

Completely Sealed Transfer

Manual transfer from a solvent recovery system not only poses a safety risk to operators (with extract temperatures reaching greater than 170° F), it also increases the risk of material loss due to spillage or airborne contamination. By directly piping extract from the initial bulk solvent recovery system into the VCO, these risks are avoided, and overall process efficiency is increased. 

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