High Throughput Systems & Unique Processing Needs

Custom EQUIPMENT Solutions

Custom Extraction Equipment Engineered by Aptia Engineering
Custom Extraction Equipment Engineered by Aptia Engineering

EngineerED For Success

Aptia has designed and manufactured a wide variety of custom extraction, distillation and refinement equipment solutions.  Sometimes, projects require equipment that does not exist as an “off the shelf” item based on the scale, the novelty of the process or custom requirements imposed by various jurisdictions.  Regardless of why your project requires custom attention, we are happy to help.   

With projects ranging from stand-alone skids to the development of full-scale turnkey platforms, Aptia’s extensive understanding of the chemical and mechanical principles that drive extraction processes is foundational to our approach in engineering the optimal solutions for clients’ applications.


Extraction and Post-Extraction Equipment

High-throughput equipment for extraction, filtration, winterization & crystallization.

End-to-End Solutions

Partner with Aptia to design, manufacture and install a turn-key processing line for your new or growing business. 

Process Automation

Streamline and integrate your processing steps with automation and data acquisition.

Material Handling, Conveyance and Drying

Implementing efficient material intake, handling, drying and disposal solutions is critical as the scale of your business increases. 

Bulk Solvent Distillation and Re-Proofing

High throughput solvent recovery systems

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Custom User Requirement Specifications for GMP Compliance

If you submit a User Requirement Specification, our team can develop a custom solution to meet your needs.

Work With Aptia Engineering

Contact Aptia to discuss your project, pinch point, process or vision for your business. We look forward to working with you.