Compact Solvent Recovery & DECARBOXYLATION Reactor

A compact, all-in-one solvent recovery solution that rapidly removes solvent from extract and performs decarboxylation.

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One Year Warranty

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Engineered & Built in the USA

Product Description

Expanding on Aptia’s versatile RX reactor platform, the R60-FFE is a robust and complete solvent recovery solution for hemp processors. The R60-FFE reduces the total amount of equipment required to produce extract by allowing operators to perform three critical post-extraction steps in one compact system: primary solvent recovery, residual solvent stripping, and decarboxylation. 

By strategically integrating falling film solvent recovery technology with a full-vacuum rated reactor, the R60-FFE can provide fast solvent recovery, residual solvent stripping, and decarboxylation capabilities. The system is versatile, and the operator can choose which process or processes he or she wishes to conduct.

The core of the R60-FFE is the R60 reactor from Aptia’s Multipurpose Reactor Series. The operator can elect to use only the R60 portion of the equipment to accomplish other reactor processes such as bulk winterization, crystallization, batch blending, or flavoring. These additional capabilities can be very helpful in the hemp facility that wishes to invest in the minimal amount of equipment, or in the facility that is limited in total floor space. Please let Aptia know if performing these additional processes will be important to you, and an Aptia engineer will help select the best temperature control equipment for your purpose.

One System - Multiple Functions

R60-FFE | Compact Solvent Recovery & Decarboxylation Reactor

Primary Solvent Recovery

Primary solvent recovery is the process of reducing extract solvent content to about 15% by mass which is the limit of most falling film systems.  The R60-FFE utilizes an efficient falling film evaporator to rapidly perform the primary solvent recovery step.
R60-FFE | Compact Solvent Recovery & Decarboxylation Reactor

Residual Solvent Stripping

Residual solvent stripping is the process of reducing the solvent content from about 15% to < 1% by mass to produce a dry extract. Following primary solvent recovery within the R60-FFE, use agitation and vacuum to reduce residual solvent levels.

R60-FFE | Compact Solvent Recovery & Decarboxylation Reactor


Decarboxylation is the process of converting the extract from its inactive form to its active form by increasing the temperature of the extract. Efficiently decarboxylate large volumes of extract within the R60-FFE without having to transfer oil to a separate piece of equipment. 


Focus on Quality

  • Engineering Peer Reviewed (EPR) and approved for processing solutions containing ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, hexane, heptane, or acetone. Please specify your solvent at the time of purchase
  • Rated for full vacuum to +15 PSIG
  • Premium quality components include a precision gear pump, engineered falling film evaporator, stainless reactor with optional ASME jacket, industrial duty explosion proof motors, and robust domestic stainless steel agitator
  • Robust stainless steel frame for easy installation

High Efficiency

  • Performs multiple processes efficiently which reduces the quantity and cost of required equipment
  • Efficient, insulated, dimpled heat transfer jacket provides optimal thermal efficiency and improved operator safety
  • Heat jacketed plumbing and heated gear pump feeds FFE and provides easy way to unload extract out of the skid

Designed for Convenience

  • Vacuum solvent collection reservoir with solvent discharge pump to unload recovered solvent without breaking vacuum or interrupting processing
  • Fully removable top manway provides full access for periodic deep cleaning
  • Fully contained processing decreases fire risk and employee exposure to solvent vapors
  • Elimination of manual transfers and handling prevents spillage and product loss
  • Sealed processing dramatically reduces the risk of product contamination
  • A variety of temperature control equipment, vacuum equipment, and inert gas handling equipment can be supplied with each system to accommodate unique process requirements


R60 Reactor volume

60 Gallons

System Min/Max Temperatures

-40° C / 170° C

System Min/Max Pressure

Full Vacuum / 15 PSIG

System Controls

Touchscreen Control Panel

Agitator Specifications

C1D1 GRPD XP Rated 1 HP Industrial Motor, Speed Control, Robust Dual Impeller Stainless Mixer

FFE Pump Specifications

C1D2 GRPD XP Rated 1.5 HP Industrial Motor, Speed Control, Precision Extract Metering Pump

Suggested Ancillary Equipment

Vacuum Pump and Pressure Controller, Cold Trap and Cold Trap Chiller, Heater, Chiller

Compatible Solvents

Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropanol, Hexane, Heptane, Acetone*


PE Review and Approval

Electrical Requirement

460V/3PH/ ~8A Standard, 230V/3PH, & 208V/3PH also available

Compressed Air Requirement

15 CFM 40-75 PSIG

System Dimensions

63″ L x 38″ W x 102″ H

System Weight

~1,000 Lbs


1 Year Limited Warranty

*Application specifics must be reviewed and approved by Aptia at time of purchase to ensure system compliance and safety with intended use

Compatible With a Wide Variety of Solvents

The R60-FFE is compatible with most of the common solvents used in extract production. The R60-FFE functions well as a solvent recovery device to support extraction, winterization, degumming, and chromatography processes. For chromatography solvent recovery and recycling processes, please contact Aptia’s engineering team. We support a wide variety of these recovery and recycling processes.

Peak Solvent Evaporation Rates


185 LPH

Heptane / Hexane

450 LPH


135 LPH


285 LPH

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