ULT Chiller

Ultra Low Temperature Extraction Chiller

ULT Extraction Chiller

Turn-key, premium-quality, domestically engineered and manufactured cascaded refrigeration system that provides robust cooling at temperatures as low as -80° C.

Applicable to a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical and botanical extraction. Ideally suited for ethanol and butane extraction.


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One Year Warranty

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Engineered & Built in the USA

Product Description

Cascaded refrigeration systems are equipped with two separate refrigeration circuits using two different refrigerants. One of these circuits operates at warmer temperatures (> -20°C) while the other circuit operates at colder temperatures (-80° C to -20° C). The warmer circuit cools the low temperature circuit. This is the most efficient and powerful type of refrigeration system for cooling applications below -50° C.

The Aptia R900-ULT cascaded refrigeration system includes an onboard tank for coolant and a powerful magnetically coupled pump to circulate the coolant to your process and back. This powerful chiller delivers an incredible 7.2 kW of cooling capacity @ -60° C and 3.3 kW @ -75° C. Using the Aptia R900-ULT chiller to cool your extraction process can save you 1,500 kg / day of liquid CO2 or 3,000 kg / day of liquid Nitrogen. This is roughly $50,000 per month in savings. Aptia’s R900-ULT chiller provides incredible reliability and performance with an outstandingly short ROI.


  • Turnkey refrigeration system with air-cooled condenser and onboard coolant tank and process pump
  • Operating the chiller is approximately 35x cheaper than cooling with liquid nitrogen
  • Domestically engineering and manufactured for premium quality and reliability
  • PLC digital controller with alarm descriptions, alarm logging, and Modbus RS 485 communications
  • Oversized ~8 gallon expansion tank provides room for fluid expansion, contraction, and backflow
  • Outdoor rated for operation in -20 F to 110 F ambient conditions
ULT Extraction Chiller

Chiller Specifications

Cooling capacity at 90° F ambient

(-76)° F / (-60)° C Coolant Temperature | 7.2 kW

(-103)° F / (-75)° C Coolant Temperature | 3.3 kW

Coolant Temperature Range

(-80)° C to 20° C

Coolant Pump

2 HP SS Magnetically coupled pump provides 25 GPM @ 20 PSID


R508B, R404A


PLC temperature controller; Modbus RS 485 capable for monitoring and control


460V, 3PH, 60Hz ~38 FLA

System Dimensions

76″ L x 38″ W x 73″ H


Outdoor installation highly recommended

Country of Manufacture

United States of America


1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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