Rigorously Engineered.

Extraction equipment for the hemp industry,

rigorously engineered for performance and reliability

Extraction equipment for the hemp industry, rigorously engineered for performance and reliability

Botanical Extraction Equipment

Engineered for Optimal Performance

Aptia Engineering is a specialized engineering & manufacturing firm delivering extraction and refinement equipment to the hemp industry. We deliver industrial processing solutions that are powerful, efficient, and dependable.

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Aptia offers Extraction Equipment solutions including liquid solvent extraction and hydrocarbon (butane/propane) extraction.

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Aptia has engineered a wide selection of efficient solvent recovery equipment options to meet most processors’ solvent recovery needs. 

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Post-extraction processes supported by Aptia’s botanical refinement equipment include winterization, filtration, wiped film distillation and crystallization.

Featured Systems

Hydrocarbon Extraction
HCE20, HCE40, HCE80, HCE160

Aptia’s HCE hydrocarbon extraction systems offer a modular and expandable design with components that can be assembled to meet extraction capacities from 20-160 lbs/hr and supports extraction temperatures from room temperature to  (-112) F / (-80) C.

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Compact Solvent Recovery & Decarboxylation Reactor

By strategically integrating falling film solvent recovery technology with a full-vacuum rated reactor, the R60-FFE can provide fast solvent recovery, residual solvent stripping, and decarboxylation capabilities.

R60-FFE Solvent Recovery System for Cannabis processing
Wiped Film Distillation
WFD-V12, WFD-V36

Precise, premium wiped film distillation solution for specialty products, with touch screen control and fully integrated feed skid. 

WFD-V12 Wiped Film Distillation System for Cannabis Processing

DESOLVATING Vacuum Reactor

VCO15, VCO35, vCO60

Unload extract from a solvent recovery system in a completely sealed transfer, remove residual solvent that your primary recovery system left behind, as well as decarboxylate and degas extract. Operable under atmospheric or full vacuum pressure.
Aptia VCO Desolvating Vacuum Reactor for Hemp 3/4 View Rendering

Would your process benefit from

custom equipment?

In addition to the standardized extraction, recovery and refinement systems, the team at Aptia works closely with clients to develop a range of custom solutions.

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