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CRZ | Crystallization

System overview

CBD in its most pure form is a crystal, just like table-salt or sugar. Most extracts with CBD percentages higher than 65% will crystallize naturally, but conversion efficiencies increase as CBD purity increases. Crystalline CBD or “isolate” has been a major commodity in the hemp market owing to the near 100% purity and lack of THC contamination.

Aptia offers several crystallization reactors with batch processing capacities ranging from 10 kg to 75 kg. Batches can be completed in as little as 3 hours. Every Aptia CRZ unit is constructed with high quality stainless steel, and comes equipped with an industrial duty agitator driven by a C1D1 group D explosion proof motor, an efficient heat transfer dimple jacket, and a glass manway for easy process observation.

Crystallization process

1. Incorporation – The CRZ system uses heat and agitation to rapidly dissolve the extract in the solvent

2. Cooling – Agitation and recirculated liquid cooling rapidly and evenly cool the tank to low temperatures.

3. Low Temperature Chilling – The product can optionally be further chilled with liquid nitrogen or a low temperature refrigeration unit

4. Collect – Filter and separate the suspended CBD crystals from the solvent.

Modular solutions

These CRZ reactor systems are specifically engineered for efficient extract refining operations. The CRZ series reactors can be configured to perform other refining processes such as liquid-liquid refinement and winterization, which provides your operation with a valuable multitool.

Collaborate with an engineer at Aptia to specify the CRZ equipment package that best suits your requirements.

Additional Features

  1. Efficient crystallization of CBD improves process economics
  2. High processing capacity increases total facility output
  3. Contained processing decreases fire risk and employee exposure to vapors

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Additional Information

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