dWF | Dynamic Wafer Filter

A High Efficiency, Modular Basket Filter

System overview

Filtration processes are important in hemp refining. These processes are used to separate particulate from liquid, or to adsorb undesirable compounds onto a granular media to remove them from extract. These processes include particulate filtration, winterization, color remediation, pesticide remediation, and crystallization.

The DWF is an innovative, stainless steel, modular filtration tool that combines flexible design with high surface area to boost the productivity and efficiency of your filtration processes. The 18″ diameter wafer design provides massive active filtration area, and the removable filtration baskets are easy to remove, swap, and clean for rapid system turnover and increased productivity. The basket design means that you can also use bleaching clays, activated carbon, or other granular media during your filtration processes. The wafer filter can be used with any type of flat, then filtration disc, paper, or mesh. This means that the wafer design is more quickly cleaned than lenticular or similar filters and accepts more economical consumables.

The DWF is sealed, which means reduced risk of contamination from open-air processing, reduced risk of fire in your facility, and the ability to accelerate filtration with both positive pressure and vacuum. A vastly superior solution to Buchner funnels, the DWF is a great way to increase your filtration output and product quality.

Key Features

  • Sealed design reduces open-air handling of flammable solvents and reduces product contamination and spillage risks
  • Innovative removable basket design is easy to clean and fast to swap between filtrations
  • Stackable, modular design allows multiple filtrations to be conducted in a single pass
  • High surface area delivers rapid filtration rates
  • Basket design can be filled with activated carbon, bleaching clays or other absorbents
  • Robust stainless housing can be used with positive pressure or vacuum to accelerate filtration

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Additional Information

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