collect solvent without breaking vacuum

VCS | Full Vacuum Solvent Collection System

System overview

The VCS Full Vacuum Solvent Collection System is a stainless steel, vacuum rated solvent collection apparatus. In order to distill a solvent under vacuum, you will need to collect the solvent under vacuum as well.  

The VCS can collect and store up to 60 gallons of solvent under vacuum, and can transfer the solvent to atmospheric storage containers without breaking vacuum, allowing for uninterrupted processing. 

Additional Features

  • Full vacuum rated, 65 gallon stainless steel reactor
  • Stainless manway provides full top vessel access for easy cleaning
  • Stainless frame for easy setup and implementation

Related equipment

Solvent Recovery Unit
SR-Series | Solvent Recovery System

When used in conjunction with a bulk solvent recovery system like Aptia's SR Platform, the VCS can collect solvent from the primary system. It can then transfer solvent to atmospheric holding tanks without breaking vacuum.

Additional Information

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